On a NASA research base in Silicon Valley, there's an organization that's changing the world ...

Exponential technology is changing the world and there’s only one university in the world devoted to teaching students how to harness it: Singularity University (SU).

We've been filming the university for the past five years - immersing ourselves into the same environment as the Graduate Studies Program students in their intensive 10-week summer program.

Our documentary, "The University," tells the story of the students, the faculty, and how Singularity University teaches students to confront the crucial issues affecting the future of our species—and create startups to address these topics.

Director: Matt Rutherford

Carter Gunn
Francisco Bello

Composer: Philip Sheppard

Executive Producers:
Ondi Timoner
Michael Halsall
John Morris
Michael Potter
Chris Stott

Indiegogo Funding: Raised $98k (over 3x our target of $30k)


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